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I piu Letti

Bologna-based STA Impianti, which specializes in designing roasting equip-ment and systems, and Brianza-based roaster Griso have shared a passion for coffee for almost 30 years.STA has a deep portfolio of roasting machines and possesses world class me chanical knowledge, thanks to a DNA rooted in the EmiliaRomagna automa-tion district.Antonio Biscotti, owner and partner in Griso, together with Claudia Balzan, are constantly engaged in training projects in Italy and abroad where they share their experience with others deeply passionate about coffee.“STA has been able to support us in our business from the beginning, helping us and guiding us in the modernization process that our…
Venerdì, 07 June 2019 16:45

Caffè nascosto a Milano: il Griso

Nuovo articolo da parte del Gambero Rosso sul Griso disponibile qui
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